There were a few bugs in the submitted version, that I hope I've fixed. You can download the version submitted for the jam at the bottom of the page. Changes include: accurately shows visited islands; correctly moves to a new map once all are visited; moves to a new map if you go off the edge.

The year is 16--. 

You have been hired as a ship's navigator, so you should probably know how to navigate! 

The starting longitude is known, so your first task is finding your latitude with the sun and your astrolabe. Left and right arrows rotate the alidade.  When a ray of sunlight shines between the vanes press "x" to adjust finely. The sunlight will glint off of the lower vane when close and will glint brightly if the reading is within 1 minute of accuracy either way. Press "x" again to lock in the reading and reference the corresponding nautical chart.

The nautical chart for the correct degree of latitude will be chosen automatically so all you need to do is find your starting island with your minute reading. Up and down arrows cycle through  islands and "x" selects. When you have determined your location, give the helm a course of your choosing. Left and right arrows to pick course.

Your ship only has enough food and water for a few days. if you sail close enough to an island, you will gain more supplies and make money. Visited islands are marked in green. To navigate the area, you will engage in the process of dead reckoning...

Dead reckoning is approximating your position based on speed and direction readings at regular intervals. these readings are reported on the traverse board. Left and right arrows cycle through the peg holes, "x" selects one. [Note: the fractions on the traverse board are non-functional.]

After sailing, first read the compass for your current heading, "x" to take you to the traverse board and report. After reporting, find the speed from the chip log. "x" to start the timer and count the knots that go by while the sand is flowing. "x" to return to the traverse board. Continue until filling the board...

After you have reported 4 hours' worth of readings, you will go back to the chart and see your dead reckoned positions for that time. choose a new course and repeat the process. If you visit every island in the area, you  can continue to a new area.

Be warned! if your performance doesn't satisfy the captain, you will be replaced! If so, you can then view the chart marked with all of your dead reckoned marks and every actual position.

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AuthorOdward Frenry
Made withPICO-8


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