Controls: x to start/select, arrows to move

Spectrum Connect 'Em is a a four-in-a-row game for 2 players with additive color mixing. Each player takes turns dropping pieces into the grid, trying to get four in a row of their color (cyan, magenta, or yellow)... but you only have access to red, green, and blue pieces and must mix them to achieve your goal.

Pieces will settle as far into the grid as they can without being redundant--that is, a red piece dropped onto a green piece will mix with it to form a yellow piece, but drop another red or green on top of that yellow piece and it will stay on top.

  • Red and green mix to yellow
  • Green and blue mix to cyan
  • Blue and red mix to  magenta
  • All three colors mix to white

This is my entry for Pixel Weekend Jam #2. My original idea was going to be far beyond my artistic scope and this idea didn't really require all that much in the way of necessary art, so I did my best to embellish where I could, designing a font and some flourishes to liven things up.

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